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Welcome to Magical Moments Teepee Slumber Parties

Magical Moments Slumber Parties allows you the opportunity to create magical memories for your child. With our teepee slumber hire you can transform  your child's sleepover party from boring to magical.

Our teepee slumber tents are for hire throughout the Perth metro area.


A Magical Moments Teepee Slumber Party Hire  will take your child’s sleepover party to the next level of fun. Simply tell us the colours you want  to pair with our handmade teepees and we will take care of the rest, set-up, styling and delivery. We will even pack everything up upon collection - taking all the stress out of kids slumber parties. 

Contact us here or fill in our booking form to organise  a Magical Moments Slumber Party!

The whole concept of Magical Moments Teepee Slumber Parties is to create magical moments for your children to cherish for a lifetime. Have a look at our pastel sleepover in the video above.

     Fun Party Themes

The whole concept of Magical Moments creates an enchanting and exciting setting for any child of any age to have their birthday slumber party. The attention to detail and thought put into every piece which is supplied with the tents makes it a home away from home for each child who attends. Grace celebrated her 8th birthday and in her words 'it was the best night of her life'! I can not thank Lauren enough for making Grace's birthday so special and memorable. I think we will be having Magical Moments Slumber parties for many years to come in this house! In fact my 9 year old boy is already telling everyone about his party he is planning later this year! Thank you Magical Moments Slumber Parties,

Naomi Macdonald on our facebook


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